New Savage wallpaper

Let the savage loose on your desktop

By now you're probably sick of your Vindicator wallpaper and looking for a change of scene. Well, you're in luck! We have a new desktop wallpaper for you which focuses on the Savage character class. 


Take a look at the preview below and, if you like it, feel free to swap out your old wallpaper with this shiny new one. We'll have another new wallpaper for you in the coming weeks, so don't get too attached!











Post me anything about the xp... that doesnt involve the challenges....



Dont mind me.

Savage, uarrrrr!!!

Yes indeed !


I definitely want to see an Alchitect wallpaper.

Nice wallpaper. Have it on my computer

This ones on my com allready!

So scary O.O

cooooowl!!! ^^

When is the gunslinger wallpaper coming out?

One of the rotations on my computer.

Needs more vindicator :p

can't wait for the next one

the savage looks like hes competing for mr. universe lol

Can't wait to see the full game

Wooot looks good! wanna see a combined one of all 4 classes

more action papers, please!

This is awesome. I would like to see more action orientated wallpapers.

This. Is. So. Awesome.
I hope that one day there will be wallpapers for the 3DS. So I would have a nice background when I turn on it.

Nice, thanks :)

My new desktop :D

Yay!! a new wallpaper

Yay!! a new wallpaper

Well done!!

:\ unfortunately, I don't own my own computer... But, if I get one, this is totally going to be my wall paper!

I really want a gunslinger wallpaper!

My new wallpaper =D

It'd be sweet to see some wallpapers of the monsters.

It is a awesome

Does anyone want an alchitect wallpaper?

Can't wait for more.


Love it!!

sweet, this looks sick as my ipod background.

wow I love it

Everyone show your love for this game

Saved it for my comp and for my Android phone! Haha, thank you!

Thanks, now I can give my background some beastly-ness.

Thank you kindly.

Thats a pretty awesome wallpaper

I like it. its simple and clean.

I went back to find and get the vindicator wallpaper and the links in that old news post are no good anymore. Can we get that one refreshed? Or add a page to the website for media (screenshots/wallpaper/videos) so we don't have to hunt thru news to find them.

Honestly, it's a bit bland.

I hope you don't feel bad, but I never used the Vindicator wallpaper. I've been using the Gods of Zul'Aman patch artwork as my wallpaper for months. Considering the Vindicator is pretty much the only class I'm going to put serious effort into, If I wasn't going to use that wallpaper, I'm not likely to use any other class's wallpaper.

Very nice!

Bah dum bum bum bum, I'm lovin' it!

Cool! My new desktop!

Loving everything you guys are putting out. Can't wait to play.

I will indeed take the Savage wall for my phone, as for future walls I would like to see. Well a wall for each character of course, but especially for the Alchitect. And three more walls similar to the Vindicator's painting wall of the other three heroes as well.

Wow! Awesome!!

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