Poll Results: Pick Your 3D Screens Focus

The results, the screens and a new poll that you shouldn't make angry.

Over the last couple of weeks we've had a poll where we were asking you what you'd like us to focus on with some new 3D screens which we said we'd capture especially for you.  Giving you the chance to specifically tell us what you wanted to see in detail.

Well the results are in and the areas you wanted to see most were the pictures really showing off the depths of the Coral Tombs and some combat shots featuring the Vindicator and Gunslinger.

You can see these below - open the link in your Nintendo 3DS to see them in all their 3D glory:


Combat 1: It slices AND dices! The Vindicator deals with some troublesome Helljaws

Combat 2: In a spot of trouble, with a Tibur wading in as well.

Combat 3: The Gunslinger takes on all-comers in the opening bay.

Depths 1: More like shallows on this one, the Gunslinger by the shore with the land dropping away to the water

Depths 2: A mysterious new area! Pipes? Rib like bone arches? Oooh-er!

Depths 3: At a great height, with a waterfall on the left the Gunslinger "deals" with a crab

It was a close run thing for second between the action shots and the pirate ship. So because it was so close, Luke has captured a little bonus one for you of the pirate ship to show you it.

The lair of Captain Skullrot is not the sort of place you should hang around.


As for our new poll - lets just say the recent Avengers movie trailer gave us an idea. ;)


Top one was the nicest.

Post me anything about the xp... that doesnt involve the challenges....


Dont mind me.

Fantastic! Can't wait to see how it will look on my 3DS

3D looks great

Love the 3D!

Can't wait to see this in person.

I'm looking at these pics on my 3DS right now and they are amazing! This is some of the best 3D I've seen so far, and each new thing I learn about this game makes me want it more and more

I cant wait to get this game

the gunslinger ones are cool

these are awesome images

Awesome pictures!

The 3D looks great.

I have them all on my 3DS now and they look really great.

nice pics, w8 for more

Great pics

When are we getting more screens? =D

The 3d is amazing. I want it now

I finally got to see all the images including these in 3D and I must admit, they were AWESOME (Po version of awesome) I can't wait for more 3D images as well as 3D videos, and the 3D game :p

I finally got to see all the images including these in 3D and I must admit, they were AWESOME (Po version of awesome) I can't wait for more 3D images as well as 3D videos, and the 3D game :p

Dang, this game just keeps looking more awesome :D

The first two screens released lacked depth in my opinion, but these on the stereoscopic screen are just stunning.

But then again graphics don't matter. All about the awesome gameplay that's coming.

Gunslinger is going to be bomb!

These look absolutely amazing on the 3DS, especially that ship screenshot.

Amazing Screenshoots - Gunslinger FTW!

Cool screenshots! The graphics look really good.

cant wait to play this


Ok.... i will not ask for much....just a time machine that will allow me to travel forth in time to the release date of this game so that i can buy it NOW and return to the present :-P and start playing!!! The game so far seems BEYOND AWESOME!!!!

and Savage

some screens with the Alchitect in combat would be nice to see also

its incredible how the team managed to make the 3d effect

i love the landscapes, cant get enough of them

im excited about this game

awesome screens

But seriously though, this game looks great and I can't wait to get my hands on it.

s-so beautiful *^*

It's really amazing how much better they look with 3D.

So... Many... Screenshots.... My eyes are leaking, but i'm not crying, i swear!

Always nice to have more pictures.

Always nice to have more pictures.

wooooow the captures look great in 3D. I wish i can wait to the release

Looking nice. We might have some trouble seeing all the detail on our characters though, given what was seen on the images viewed by the 3DS.

Really looking forward to this game.

I really like the colorful style

Love them, the first one is my fav

I love that the charcachter are as customizable as they are

I love the fish head busts on the wall lol they are funny looking

I wish we could comment on the homepage screen shots..

I would be really ecstatic if there was a demo of this released on the eshop... Just saying I would probably have a heart attack lol

woowwww!!! looks great!!! ^^

now to be real picky we need a new video out now! lol

thx a lot for giving us more than just 2 new screens ;)


Amazing, the last time I saw those octopus creatures they weren't really impressive. After seeing this, I have high hopes for this game.


Looks wonderful~!! Thx~!!

0_0 Those look great. Thank you very much!!

The game is looking better and better, but all the environments shown thus far seem to have some sort of green mist overlay. Was it a conscious decision to implement that? Are all the areas like this? I'm liking the general look though and the Tiburs look considerably more vicious here which is welcomed :) Will there be weather effects in the game? Rain and snow, for example, would look pretty nifty in 3D.

Whoevers hating on the art style is most like just hating because their blind and can't see anything... >.>

The game looks great and the 3D really shows how impressive the game is. The people hating on this game's looks are crazy.

Remember to open those links using your 3DS - the screens as shown on the web aren't the full experience.

omg yes I want to do that too ^.^

Loads of shots o-o Looove them xD

Can't wait to see the Savage and Alchitect in 3D as well. And am I the only one who strongly desires to hop into those chasms that actually have land at the bottom? xD

looking at the pictures in more detail, I see the enemies in the first two pictures are like mutated tiburs, or their just other shark enemies, nice design though very nice. In the sixth picture the Gunslinger is shooting a spider looking monster but he's standing in front of some sort of portal glowy timey-wimey thing... hmm and on the pirate ship a doorway out in the open?
Love the detail in all the pics, like picture 3 and 4 all the decoration and features to the area is nice everything looks like it serves a purpose. The fourth picture the boats in the background, they dont distract while in 3D but stand out just nicely. All in all I think you guys are doing an outstanding job, thanks for keeping you're fans at the edge of our seats!

I love the pics, I loved seeing it in 3D at the convention.

Oh and yes I was hoping to sewe some pirate ship pics thanks for the bonus!

Omg lotsa new pics thanks guys and yeah I assumed that the hulk option had something to do with all the new hero movie hype about now,

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